The Wedding Crasher

Wedding CrashersThere’s always someone who’s on the guest list that probably shouldn’t have been. We call them “The Wedding Crashers” Although it we’re a little more forgiving when creating the guest list, our first initial instinct to keep them off somehow seems to  get lost somehow. These people once at the party  begin their drinking campaign seem to always get out of hand and either hurt someones feelings pretty bad, or just distract the party from the real events carefully planned for the evening.

“Hair for My Wedding” always recommends going with your first instinct to keep them off the list. As much as it seems they may behave differently this time… because it’s your wedding, these people will never change. X them off the list, and just be done with it. The mere fact they’re present will distract you from the most romantic moments you’ll want to be present for the whole time.


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