Fall Bride 2015


Believe it or not, Fall is only a month away. A Fall Bride is a beautiful bride. Although “Hair for My Wedding” recommends the bride always be in white, the choices of colors open up exponentially in the Fall season. Earth tones and Fall Colors are majestic, plentiful, and breathtaking in a Fall wedding.

Think of the deciduous trees in New England. The leaves turn into some of the most beautiful colors in the spectrum. Fall is a beautiful time to have a wedding and the Fall colors can guide your selections with flowers, bridesmaids dresses, table settings and much much more.

Take advantage of the variety of colors the fall season can give you for your wedding.

For your hair, “Hair for My Wedding” recommends a free and unraveling style either worn down, partially up, or up lose and free like the leaves on the tree ready for departure. Like the colors of the leaves the Fall season present us with, your hair could be decorated with hints of baby breath of  fall colors. Another fall unusual delicate fall flower can have a wonderful effect that won’t distract from your natural beauty as a bride.

Embrace the Fall colors and take the liberty to use them for they are subtle, sophisticated and complex in nature. Let “Hair for My Wedding” create a hairstyle for you that is not only sophisticated but can not be duplicated like the sophisticated  Fall colors that have come and gone forever.

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