Fall Bride 2015


Believe it or not, Fall is only a month away. A Fall Bride is a beautiful bride. Although “Hair for My Wedding” recommends the bride always be in white, the choices of colors open up exponentially in the Fall season. Earth tones and Fall Colors are majestic, plentiful, and breathtaking in a Fall wedding.

Think of the deciduous trees in New England. The leaves turn into some of the most beautiful colors in the spectrum. Fall is a beautiful time to have a wedding and the Fall colors can guide your selections with flowers, bridesmaids dresses, table settings and much much more.

Take advantage of the variety of colors the fall season can give you for your wedding.

For your hair, “Hair for My Wedding” recommends a free and unraveling style either worn down, partially up, or up lose and free like the leaves on the tree ready for departure. Like the colors of the leaves the Fall season present us with, your hair could be decorated with hints of baby breath of  fall colors. Another fall unusual delicate fall flower can have a wonderful effect that won’t distract from your natural beauty as a bride.

Embrace the Fall colors and take the liberty to use them for they are subtle, sophisticated and complex in nature. Let “Hair for My Wedding” create a hairstyle for you that is not only sophisticated but can not be duplicated like the sophisticated  Fall colors that have come and gone forever.

Hairpieces, Falls and Extensions

A hairpiece can certainly help if the hair is to short to put up, or is too fine to wear down. But hairpieces or additives are not for everyone. One of the biggest errors that are made, is choosing the wrong hairpiece.  Something to big, to thick, too synthetic, or just simply the wrong color could be a disaster. We at “Hair for My Wedding” believe that hair should look like it moves.  If the hairpiece is inflexible, or even the wrong texture, this could be a big problem. “Hair for My Wedding” will custom pick the right piece for you and the occasion. Please stay tuned for more on the subject of  “Hairpiece or Not.”

Updo or Downdo


When considering your hairstyle for your wedding, one consideration is wearing it down. Not all hairstyles for brides are meant to be updo’s. If you have beautiful hair, wear it down and show it off.  Sometimes wearing it up helps the brides with finer hair compensate for what they can’t have wearing it down. “Hair for My Wedding” says, always consider your hair type when choosing a hairstyle..  (Example: fine, coarse, curly, straight etc.)

Trial Run

“Hair for My Wedding almost always recommends a trial run with the hairstylists before the actual day. Without a trial run, you could face issues related to whether your hair stays up all night, or even simply the hairstyle just not being you.  “Hair for My Wedding” prides itself making sure your experience is not only pleasant, but gets you what you want. Let’s face it, it’s probably the most important day of your life.

“Hair for My Wedding” wants you to be happy, confident, and feeling a like million bucks.

Let “Hair for My Wedding” make your trial run a success in helping you lose your fear, and gain your confidence on that important day. Sit back… and just enjoy!

Thank You!

Thank you for looking at our models. Please check back soon for blogs, updates, and new photographs of the work being done by “Hair for My Wedding.”

We will soon be regularly publishing new content.

Grooming the Groom.. a few tips


While most of the attention of the day will be lavished upon your lovely bride, that doesn’t give you a pass to neglect your own manly maintenance. A little manscaping is necessary for looking your best on the one day you’ll remember most. Here, we offer four easy suggestions for getting spiffy, and for showing guests just why she said “yes” in the first place!

A Shave and a Haircut . . .

It’s time to remove all shags, eye-covering bangs and other hairy disguises you sport day in and out.  As a “Hair for My Wedding” grooming rule of thumb, you should meet with the us at least one week before any big event (i.e. your wedding) to give your hair time to adjust to the new cut.

A favorite of Hair for My Wedding is what we call the Valentino… Rudolf Valentino. Nicely faded slick back hair with an extreme part will do the job. Valentino is the example of the perfect model for a groom. No facial hair, and sleek slicked parted hair. Gorgeous to look at. Notice how Valentino doesn’t look dated.

Facial hair is a no no and as it goes, Hair for My Wedding believes in keeping classic. Facial hair is usually time stamped and trendy. Here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t let facial hair ruin your pictures when you look back at them in years to come.

Pearly Whites for Your White Wedding

Another go-to place for “Hair for My Wedding” grooming is the dentist’s office. Schedule an appointment for a cleaning to get your choppers in picture-perfect condition. If you notice a little discoloration, fret not. There are tons of teeth whitening options on the market that are quick, easy and painless. If you don’t have time for multiple dental visits (or the $400 to spend on the procedure), ask your dentist to recommend a few over the counter products to use in the comfort of your own home.

Get a Facial

To keep skin smooth and blemish free, facials are the way to go. Estheticians work their magic extracting blackheads, opening pores, and cleansing and toning skin for an even, more youthful appearance. Most facials take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour or more to complete, and they’re a great way to relieve pre-wedding stress. Since estheticians often use powerful acne treatments and products on your skin that aren’t sold in drugstores, schedule facials and skin treatments at least a week and a half before your wedding day to monitor any reactions or breakouts.

The Scent of Love

Most women will agree: there’s nothing better than guy who smells fresh and clean. Whether it’s a yummy aftershave, crave-worthy cologne or plain old soap and water, add a bit of aromatic essence to go along with your fancy new Hair for My Wedding look. After all, a great-smelling groom is like the icing on the [wedding] cake.


The Wedding Crasher

Wedding CrashersThere’s always someone who’s on the guest list that probably shouldn’t have been. We call them “The Wedding Crashers” Although it we’re a little more forgiving when creating the guest list, our first initial instinct to keep them off somehow seems to  get lost somehow. These people once at the party  begin their drinking campaign seem to always get out of hand and either hurt someones feelings pretty bad, or just distract the party from the real events carefully planned for the evening.

“Hair for My Wedding” always recommends going with your first instinct to keep them off the list. As much as it seems they may behave differently this time… because it’s your wedding, these people will never change. X them off the list, and just be done with it. The mere fact they’re present will distract you from the most romantic moments you’ll want to be present for the whole time.


The Bridesmaids, Please Never Upstage the Bride

As a rule, the bridesmaids should never upstage the bride. All the bridesmaids hair should be thematically the same. Coiffed partially up, down or with a similar thread running through it. To insure the bride is not to be outdone, redundancy with the bridesmaids hairstyles can do the trick. This is not to say the bridesmaids should not look their best, but should never upstage the bride. Sometimes a subltle line of braiding running through the hair oreven a just a simple flower wreath can do the job.BridesMaidsHair